Greenberg, Saul

Greenberg 93
Saul Greenberg at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1993.

Saul Greenberg is a computer scientist specializing in situated interaction how people incorporate computer technology in their daily lives. He is a Faculty Professor and Emeritus Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. His research has provided better understanding of how computer technology fits within people’s physical environment and how people use such technology for both work and social interaction.

At the University of Calgary, the work by Greenberg and his talented crew typifies the cross-discipline aspects of Human Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, and Ubiquitous Computing. He and his team are well known for their development of:

  • toolkits enabling rapid prototyping of groupware and ubiquitous appliances;
  • innovative and seminal system designs based on observations of social phenomenon;
  • support teams of people using technology for their many styles of collaboration, including across time, over distance, and for casual or formal interactions;
  • articulation of design-oriented social science theories; and
  • refinement of evaluation methods.
Greenberg at ACM CHI 2001
Saul Greenberg with Anind Dey at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Seattle, WA in April 2001.

A prolific author, Greenberg has written and edited several books and published many articles. Researchers and educators in the field benefit from Greenberg’s commitment to ensuring that his tools, systems, and educational materials are readily available. In addition to his academic work, Greenberg has consulted for various companies as an Expert Witness in matters involving patent infringement.

Greenberg was elected to the prestigious ACM CHI Academy in April 2005 and was inducted as an ACM Fellow in 2013 for his contributions to computer supported cooperative work and ubiquitous computing. He received the Canadian Human Computer Communications Society Achievement Award in May 2007, the ACM UIST Lasting Impact award in 2015, and the Canadian Digital Media Pioneer Award in 2018.

“Saul Greenberg’s early and consistent devotion to building HCI excellence is clear in his work on physical devices, collaboration, tool kits for rapid prototyping, and evaluation methods.  The diversity of his work is impressive, combining diligent data collection and innovative implementations all guided by appropriate theories.  I’ve always enjoyed my times talking with Saul, especially skiing behind him to admire his graceful style.  His cheerful can-do personality is appealing. Saul is one of those exceptional people who I wish I could spend more time with.” – Ben Shneiderman


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Calgary (1989)
  • M.S. in Computer Science, University of Calgary (1984)
  • Diploma of Education, McGill University (1978)
  • B.S. in Microbiology & Immunology, McGill University (1976)


  • Former Professor in Computer Science, current Emeritus/Faculty Professor, University of Calgary (1991 – Present)
  • President, Greenberg Consulting, Inc.
  • Adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychology (Calgary), Department of Computer Science (Saskatchewan)



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